Holy Face Chaplet – 39 Beads


Chaplet of the Holy Face of Jesus is made with 8mm round glass beads in a black/gray marble color. The center piece features the Holy Face of Jesus medal. The Our Father type beads have a filigree cap. Features the Holy Face of Jesus medal and a Crucifix designed with a Holy Face of Jesus Reparation Cross. Comes with prayer card explaining the history of the devotion and how to say the Chaplet. Medals are silver tone – Zinc Alloy.

Measures 16 1/2 inches long. 2 inch crucifix.

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The Holy Face Reparation Cross is a beautifully detailed crucifix and shows the face of Christ on Veronica’s Veil. Our Lord asked for this cross to be made and worn more than 150 years ago by the Defenders of the Holy Name of God. Our Lord asked Sister Marie de St. Pierre for each member of the Association to wear a special cross. On one side of the cross should be engraved with the words, “Blessed be the Name of God,” (Sit Nomen Domini Benedictum) and on the reverse “Begone, Satan” (Vade Retro Satana). To all those wearing this holy cross Our Lord promised a special resourcefulness to conquer the demon of blasphemy, adding that every time one hears a curse, he should repeat the words inscribed on the cross to overcome the evil one and render glory to God. This association became the creation of the widespread Holy Name Society. Sr. Marie de St. Pierre goes on to say, “Our Lord showed me this association as an army of brave soldiers, uniting themselves to Him as to their Commander-in-Chief, to defend the Glory of the Father. It is His Will that this militia be called, ‘The Defenders of the Holy Name of God,’ so that this noble title should give evidence of the high calling of those enrolled.”

Chaplet of the Holy Face of Jesus is to honor the 5 wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and to ask of God for his Triumph of His Holy Church and the downfall of Her enemies.

Saint Athanasius relates that the devils on being asked what verse in the Scriptures they feared the most, replied: “That with which the 67th Psalm commences: Let God arise, and let His Enemies be scattered, and let them that hate Him flee from before His face!” They added that this verse always compelled them to take flight.

Inspired by Our Lord, this chaplet was composed by Sister Mary of St. Peter:

“Our Lord inspired me at this time to compose certain prayers of reparation in the form of a Chaplet, or a small rosary. This Chaplet is made up of thirty-three small beads, on which is recited thirty-three times the prayer, ‘Arise, O Lord, and let Thy enemies be scattered, and let them that hate Thee flee before Thy Face!’ and also six large beads on which our recited the ejaculation, ‘My Jesus, mercy,’ followed by the doxology, ‘Glory be to the Father, etc.’

One day after Holy Mass our Lord appeared to me presenting me with a similar Chaplet which I saw was made of precious stones strung on a fine gold chain. Deeming myself quite unworthy of possessing such a treasure, I begged the Blessed Virgin to keep this beautiful rosary for me by placing it in her Immaculate Heart, and I also begged our Lord to attach indulgences to the recitation of this Chaplet” – Sister Mary of St. Peter (From the Book, “The Golden Arrow”).


As revealed to Sister Mary of St. Peter, the chaplet has for its object the honoring of the five senses of our Lord Jesus Christ and of entreating God for the triumph of His Church. The chaplet is composed of 39 beads, six of which are large, and 33 of which are small. The 33 small beads represent the 33 years of the mortal life of our Lord. The first 30 recall to mind the 30 years of His private life, and are divided into five decades of six with the intention of honoring the five senses, touch, hearing, sight, smell, and taste of Jesus, which have their seat principally in His Holy Face, rendering homage to all the sufferings our Lord endured in His Face through each one of these senses. A large bead to honor each of the senses precedes each of these five decades of six beads. The three small beads recall the public life of the Savior and honor the wounds of His adorable Face; the large bead preceding them has the same purpose. A medal of the Holy Face completes the chaplet.

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