Veronica’s Veil


Veronica’s Veil

Poems, Prayers, and Promises of the Holy Face Devotion

Who is Saint Veronica? She is called Veronica, the compassionate woman who took pity on Christ when she saw him fall beneath the weight of the wooden cross, and who watched his bloody body racked from torture, his face covered with blood, sweat, and spittle as he carried that same cross up the hill to Calvary to die. Courageously, using her veil to wipe away the blood and muck, she was rewarded by the image of his face impressed upon the cloth, a sign of Jesus’ gratitude for her mercy. But who was she, and where did she come from? The Catholic Church says she is a Saint whose Feast Day is celebrated February 4th, and she is recognized as the woman in the sixth Station of the Cross. BUT THERE IS SO MUCH MORE!!!

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