Holy Face Reparation Crucifix


The Holy Face Reparation Cross is a beautifully detailed crucifix and shows the face of Christ on Veronica’s Veil. Our Lord asked for this cross to be made and worn more than 150 years ago by the Defenders of the Holy Name of God.

Our Lord asked Sister Marie de St. Pierre for each member of the Association to wear a special cross. On one side of the cross should be engraved with the words, “Blessed be the Name of God,” and on the reverse “Begone, Satan.” To all those wearing this holy cross Our Lord promised a special resourcefulness to conquer the demon of blasphemy, adding that every time one hears a curse, he should repeat the words inscribed on the cross to overcome the evil one and render glory to God.

This association became the creation of the widespread Holy Name Society. Sr. Marie de St. Pierre goes on to say, “Our Lord showed me this association as an army of brave soldiers, uniting themselves to Him as to their Commander-in-Chief, to defend the Glory of the Father. It is His Will that this militia be called, ‘The Defenders of the Holy Name of God,’ so that this noble title should give evidence of the high calling of those enrolled.”

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Made in Italy, measures 2 11/16 inches in height, and is die cast for fine detail, and silver oxidized finish for depth and beauty. Attached jump ring is included.