Our ministry, His Holy Face, offers several different programs to help bring about a deeper relationship with Our Lord and for the conversion of souls.

Our Home Program takes one of the Holy Face effigies to a family’s home,  where they learn about the history of the Holy Face devotion. We provide Holy Face medals and other  Holy Face materials. The family then prays a 9-day novena and a rosary of thanksgiving. On the 9th day we return to complete the Novena and consecrate the family and their home to the Holy Face of Jesus. Here is more information about the program.

Our Nursing Home Program is very similar to the Home Program where we take one of the Holy Face effigies to the nursing home. There, the residents participating will join as a group in prayer each day for 9 days.  On the 9th day we return to complete the Novena and consecrate the residents to the Holy Face of Jesus.

Our School Program involves the school Principal and/or a teacher writing to The Holy Face Association. Holy Face materials are donated to the school. A speaker will present the devotion to the children so that they come to know and love the Most Holy Face of Jesus.  Also, if they wish, a large, unframed Holy Face picture will be sent to be enshrined in the school.

Our Church Program is when the Pastor wishes to enshrine the Holy Face picture permanently in the church. The image is donated along with Holy Face devotional materials, as well as a percentage of large Holy Face pictures and novenas for the parishioners.  In partnering with the Holy Face Association, we will help to start up (preferably on Tuesdays) a Holy Face Hour of reparation.

Honoring His Face is so important. There are over 600 references in scripture to His Face. Jesus just wants to be loved, to be gazed upon.

We have witnessed so many beautiful blessings with the programs.

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