The Holy Face Modern Day Testimonies

The devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus has impacted many lives over the centuries. Jesus continues to transform hearts, bring about healings and reparation through this sacred image.

In the words of Venerable Leo Dupont, “…pray with confidence and make your desire known to God in a positive manner. You should say to the Lord: ‘ Lord cure me.’ ”

May 2018 – for many months I had been having chest pains and heart palpations. The Dr. gave me a stress test and said everything was normal. The pain was very stressful for me. We went to a night of adoration where the Holy Face relic image was present. After the evening, my husband asked the priest to pray over me with Holy Face oil for my heart problems. Ever since that evening, I had no more chest pains. ~JF

June 2018 – I want to spend the rest of my life promoting devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus. ~Robert

June 2018 – When my mother-in-law was hospitalized for cancer surgery, it was mentioned in passing that she might also need her foot amputated, due to diabetic complications.  She was very reluctant to do this, and ended up finding a doctor who surgically removed her heel instead of her entire foot.  After surgery, some infection remained in her bone.  Her foot wound atrophied to the point where her leg bone was visibly sticking out of her foot.  Wherever bone is exposed, there is infection.  Now the doctors were talking about amputating her leg.  On Shrove Tuesday, after the Holy Face mass, Father encouraged veneration of the Holy Face image, and told us to ask for a miracle.  I asked for three.  One was for healing of my mother-in-law’s foot.  It’s now four months later, and her foot is 99% healed.  Praise to You, God, and thank You for this Holy Face miracle.  ~RF